ZENIQ Coin Price Prediction 2023: Honest Review

ZENIQ review and price prediction

As we have seen many Cryptogurus stated their opinion on price prediction, but not all are similar. Some experts give an encouraging forecast, the others prove to be a little cautious in giving you generous liberties.

In this post, we will also share our expert’s optimistic price prediction on ZENIQ Coin but before that, we cover an unbiased review on ZENIQ Coin, ZENIQ Blockchain, Safir Global minting program, uncover some bitter truths about such coin, and answer “Is this Dubai based coin worth your money”

Let us have a look.


ZENIQ is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem for finance and investments developed by ZENIQ Technologies.

The company is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The founder of the company is Erwin Dokter (CEO).

ZENIQ Erwin Dokter

According to the information on its website Erwin Dokter (CEO), Michael Ofner (COO), Solaiman Al Rifai (MD), Eric Heinemann (CMO), Jan Bollmeyer (CSO), Pedro Cieza (CLO), Silvia Zarazaga (CAO) and Alan Zettelmann (IA) were listed as the directors of ZENIQ.

ZENIQ distributes its blockchain technology-based products globally with the help of selected partners such as ZENIQ Technologies Ltd (zeniq.com), Safir global DMCC (safir.com), and OCS International Financial Ltd (OCS-finance.net).

Similarweb stats show that the majority of traffic to zeniq.com is from Brazil (22.53%), the USA (9.44%), Germany (7.85%), Austria (6.69%), and Spain (5.92%).

ZENIQ claims to provide high-level security to its users through its features such as ZENIQ Hub, ZENIQ App, ZENIQ Exchange, and ZENIQ Coin.

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ZENIQ coin was created in July 2020 to reward users who have bought the ZENIQ hub.

ZENIQ stated on the website that only 1% of the coin will be mined, and the rest 99% will be minted.

ZENIQ Coin is listed on Uniswap and Pancakeswap.


ZENIQ Coin does not run on its own blockchain technology. ZENIQ is only a token in Ethereum. And also it doesn’t have, authorization from financial regulators.

So the question arises,

  • Is ZENIQ a licensed and authorized technology?
  • Is ZENIQ Coin legit or another crypto MLM scam?

Before moving to answers to these questions, we will understand more about the business model of ZENIQ.

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ZENIQ Investment plan

It is nothing difficult to join Zeniq, you only need to make the required steps and get your purchase swapped with ZENIQ tokens.

First, you have to buy a ZENIQ Hub which cost 1500 Euros.

Then register on safir.com and invest a minimum of 100 Euros via BTC (Bitcoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), ETH (Ethereum), EURO (Euro coin), LTC (Litecoin), or Basic KYC.

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How does ZENIQ Work?

Firstly, ZENIQ wants you to buy their ZENIQ Hub to mint the ZENIQ coin which is supposed to rise in value and make you money.

Then you can either buy the physical device or invest in a Safir Minting Hub, Farm, or Shares. It signifies that the hardware is run by Safir, you only have to pay them for running.


ZENIQ promises to provide a 100% annual profit by investing a minimum of 100 Euros in Safir minting ZENIQ coin.

Red Flags

ZENIQ seems a lucrative opportunity, but there is a list of reasons which simply imply that ZENIQ is a cryptocurrency-based MLM Pyramid scheme fraud.

Let’s see how.

Misleading People

Peoples have to buy the hub first which costs 1500 Euros. Then the hub will now mint the ZENIQ coins daily just 2 coins per day.

Most importantly the ZENIQ didn’t mention anywhere on their website about this.

ZENIQ’s website is just full of empty promises as such they clearly mislead people by keeping them in a dark reality.

ZENIQ Review

Bluff Blockchain

ZENIQ provides a website that looks like a ZENIQ Blockchain Explorer, but it looks highly skeptical.

Because either ZENIQ has its own blockchain, a native token, or it has an ERC-20 token in Ethereum. Why would the ZENIQ Coin run in Ethereum if it had its own blockchain?

Should ZENIQ is a real blockchain. Instead, to mint the ZENIQ Coin you are forced to pay ZENIQ Technologies, which is highly suspicious.

According to the above information, it seems that the ZENIQ block explorer is fake, there is no real ZENIQ blockchain.

Suspicious Minting

The first thing we sense is that the ZENIQ coin does not run on its own blockchain technology.

Ethereum tokens are minted, which means peoples write their codes. There is no mining involved, people don’t need any mining software.

ZENIQ claims on their website that they have a network with nodes that currently have a combined power of 656.353 MH/s. But this kind of power is needed proof of work for cryptocurrencies that are mined, like Bitcoin or Ethereum itself.

This makes the whole concept of ZENIQ suspicious.

Fake Coin

ZENIQ token is not ranked on any reputable website like Coinmarketcap or Coingecko. It signifies that ZENIQ is not traded on any real exchange.

The only place you can trade ZENIQ Coin is Uniswap and Pancakeswap. It is a decentralized exchange in the Ethereum network and any ERC-20 token can be traded on Uniswap or Pancakeswap.

Holding a ZENIQ coin can be pretty dangerous because since it is traded only within the Uniswap pool, it can easily be manipulated.

Not Licensed

On a number of websites, it is stated that ZENIQ Technologies has “legal status” under the jurisdiction of the DIFC and is licensed by the DFSA.

But the DFSA clearly clarifies on its website that ZENIQ Technologies has never been authorized by the DFSA to provide financial services in or from the DIFC.

DFSA stated on their website that.

ZENIQ Technologies is a company incorporated in the DIFC and is permitted to carry out certain non-financial services activities in or from the DIFC. However, as the company is not licensed by the DFSA, it is not permitted to carry out financial services in or from the DIFC.

Hence, it confirms that ZENIQ Coin doesn’t have any authorization from financial regulators. Therefore, it might be illegal in most countries, including Dubai.

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Should I Join ZENIQ?

Whenever people see any such opportunity, they get mad and will invest in any kind of bogus scheme. ZENIQ is not such a first incident.

Now people are getting regularly trading profit and referral commission on minting ZENIQ coins, but it is a common trait of the fraud scheme until a large population starts believing it. There is not even a single proof of running a real ZENIQ blockchain.

After some time it will disable the withdrawal of profit as well as the invested amount for minting. ZENIQ will either find an excuse to exit the scam or government authorities will stop its operation.

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Is ZENIQ a Scam?

Yes, ZENIQ is a SCAM. There is not even a single proof of running a real ZENIQ blockchain.

First of all, ZENIQ is offering fake mining to its members, which is illegal until the organization is registered by government financial regulators.

Secondly, ZENIQ misleads people about earning and selling worthless tokens under the promise that it will generate profits over time.

Overall, ZENIQ Coin doesn’t have authorization from financial regulators. And it has no authorization whatsoever, it might be illegal in most countries, including Dubai.

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ZENIQ Coin Price Prediction

Firstly, we inform you that no price prediction website can figure out the accurate price but as much as possible we try to provide you estimated price with the help of our expert experience.

So the current price of ZENIQ is $0.117297.

A price predictions website has given an optimistic view about the ZENIQ investment for the upcoming years. As per their prediction for 2023, the ZENIQ price might cross $0.132186 and beyond in the upcoming years!!

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From what we have discussed above, this organization is a scam.

We will recommend you to stay away from such scams, do your own research, then think and examine twice before investing your hard earn money in such opportunities.

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