645 Beachbody Review: New Amoila Cesar Workout Program

Beachbody Review

In this post, we will cover an unbiased review of Beachbody’s 645 workout program and reveal some bitter truths that most people ignore at the time of purchase but before that we will understand the business model of this MLM company Beachbody.

Let’s dive.

About Beachbody – a Quick Overview

Company NameBeachbody
FoundersCarl Daikeler and Jon Congdon
HeadquartersCalifornia, U.S
TypeWorkout programs & nutritional supplements based MLM
Websites Domain Registered1999, Aug 17 (beachbody.com)
2007, Aug 17 (teambeachbody.com)
2014, Dec 17 (beachbodyondemand.com)
2020, July 23 (thebeachbodycompany.com)
Highest traffic to the websites is fromUnited States (80.59%)
Canada (13.87%)
United Kingdom (2.12%)
Est. Revenue$873 million (2021)
$1050 million (2020)
$880 million (2019)
Joining ProcessThree ways to join Beachbody:
1. Customer: Purchase product at retail price
2. Preferred Customer: One has to pay $15.95 monthly to become a preferred customer. Preferred customers receive a 25% discount on every Beachbody product.
3. Coaches (Affiliates): One has to purchase a $39.95 Business starter kit or Total solution pack to become a Beachbody coach. Additionally, the coach has to pay $15.95 monthly as a service charge.
*If someone purchases the Total solution pack then this $15.95 service fee is waived off from the Total solution pack.
ProductsBeachbody offers its products in three different ways:
1. Supplements: Shakeology shakes, healthy food for kids, and workout supplements.
2. Myxfitness: Exercise bikes with the attached screen. The equipment price starts at $1.299 and additionally, $99 annually or $29 monthly as a subscription fee to access content on screen.
3. Openfit: It is a digital streaming platform that provides 400+ live workout classes per week by celebrity & fitness models like Sophia Rose, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.
Return Policy30 days on its product
Beachbody Customer Reviews65% of customer reviews are excellent and 35% are poor.
*Poor reviews are mostly talking about confusing websites, never-ending fees, and bad customer service.
Compensation Plan2021 Latest Pdf
Beachbody Coach Earnings (Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2021)Low earning: $10
Average earnings: $3,169
High earning up to: $2,846,299
Income Disclosure/ Coach Agreement2021 Income Statement /
Scam Possibility Level
(High/ Medium/ Low)

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What Exactly Beachbody Is?

Beachbody is a health and wellness-based MLM company that sells fitness and weight loss programs.

Just like other direct selling companies, Beachbody is no different as it follows the same MLM business model where one can purchase a product and services as a retail customer and have an option to join as a Beachbody coach.

After being a Beachbody coach one can earn commissions by selling their products and building their own team.

Is Beachbody a Scam?

No, it can’t be called a scam because MLM is a legal business model. Beachbody operates on a direct selling concept which is a legal business model. Beachbody is different from fraud money-circulating Ponzi and pyramid schemes.

Its coaches are paid commission based on the sales and purchase of their products and services.


Firstly, the Consumer Protection Division of Santa Monica filed a lawsuit against Beachbody for charging customer credit customer without any prior consent.

In 2017, Beachbody agreed to pay $3.6 Million for the settlement of a case over automatic credit card renewals. Beachbody also admitted to changing its business practice and modifying the website.

Secondly, In 2017 Beachbody bans its affiliates from other MLM opportunities: As per an internal communication Team Beachbody recently sent out to affiliates that “Following March 15, 2017, any Coach found to be operating as a distributor in another network marketing business will be subject to immediate discipline, including suspension or termination.

Moreover, Beachbody’s customers as well as coaches, complain about overpriced products, confusing websites, and neverending fees.

Can I earn money from Beachbody?

Beachbody can help you to earn money definitely but it’s going to be tough for a new coach. There are very few people who take advantage of MLM companies and make money.

As a Beachbody coach If you sell a challenge pack, then you receive a commission of 35%, and on regular products 25%. If you sell a membership to Beachbody On Demand, it is a whopping 40%. It’s only a one-time commission per customer so don’t get excited, you can make money by Beachbody but it is also a tough task for a new coach to bring income every month consistently.

In fact, the average income of Beachbody coaches is just $219 a month.

Usually, in MLM companies less than 1% of distributors can make a decent profit, whereas 90% of distributors lose their money in buying overpriced products and services.

Should I Join Beachbody?

The decision is completely up to you. First of all, we will recommend you to use and examine Beachbody products and services personally. compare these products and services with the retail market and answer that, are you able to sell these products and services?

Secondly, you have to recruit lots of other coaches to work with you, so first check your marketing, presentation and convincing skills.

The success rate of MLM is just 0.4% and it takes around 2 to 3 years to build an active customer and downline network.

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Beachbody Rank Requirements

Terms used in the Beachbody compensation plan are:

PV (Personal Volume): PV is the fixed points on each product, which are generated when the product is purchased by the coaches or preferred customers.

There are 19 ranks as per the Beachbody compensation plan. The below table shows the requirements to achieve each rank.

RanksRequired PVOther Requirements
Emerald501 Coach or Preferred Customer per leg
Ruby751 Emerald Coach,
1 Active Coach or Preferred Customer per leg
Diamond1001 Emerald Coach, 3 Add’l Active Coaches or
Preferred Customers per leg
1- 15 Star Diamond200Star Diamond Requirement: Click Here

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Beachbody Compensation Plan

As per the compensation plan, the Beachbody coaches can earn in 4 different ways.

  1. Total Solution Pack Bonus & Commission
  2. Team Cycle Bonus
  3. Matching Bonus
  4. Star Diamond Bonus

1. Total Solution Pack & Commission

Beachbody coaches can earn up to 35% on each Total solution pack sold, up to 25% on the selling of non Total solution pack products, and 40% on Beachbody On Demand Memberships.

2. Team Cycle Bonus

The Beachbody coach can earn up to 12,000 bonus points each week when accumulates 300 points from both downline legs (200 from the strong leg & 100 from the weaker). The bonus depends on personal rank.

The below table shows the coach’s rank and bonus per week.

Emerald14 per week, up to 250 per week
Ruby16 per week, up to 1,000 per week
Diamond18 per week, up to 2,000 per week
1 Star18 per week, up to 3,000 per week
2 Star18 per week, up to 4,000 per week
3 Star18 per week, up to 5,000 per week
4 Star18 per week, up to 6,000 per week
5 Star18 per week, up to 7,000 per week
6 Star18 per week, up to 8,000 per week
7 Star18 per week, up to 9,000 per week
8 Star18 per week, up to 10,000 per week
9 Star18 per week, up to 11,000 per week
10-15 Star18 per week, up to 12,000 per week

3. Matching Bonus

The Beachbody coaches can earn 5% or 10% depending on their personally sponsored coaches.

Diamond & Above10%

4. Star Diamond Bonus

This bonus is for 2-star diamond pool and above-rank coaches. This bonus depends on the volume generated by the coaches quarterly and the volume is divided among all qualified coaches for each pool.

  • 2 Star Diamond Pool: 1/2%
  • 5 Star Diamond Pool: 1/2%
  • 10 Star Diamond Pool: 1/2%
  • 15 Star Diamond Pool: 1/2%

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645 Workout Program Review

645 denotes “6 days a week and 45 minutes per workout.”

Amoila Cesar is the trainer behind the 645 Beachbody programs.

Beachbody claims that their 645 workout program is designed to get a fit body without any overtraining.

In the below chart you can see that the 645 workout is an13 week workout program.

645 beachbody workout program

Customers who already use the 645 workout program have faced some problems such as:

  • Short insufficient warm-ups
  • The exercise form is not always fully explained and many more.

How to Purchase 645

One can purchase a Total Solution pack which includes everything you need to purchase the 645 programs.

645 Performance Essentials Total-Solution Pack costs $179.95 which includes a yearly BOD membership and all the equipment needed in the 645 programs.

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I hope you found everything you wanted to know about the Beachbody company.

So, think, research, and examine twice before investing your hard earn money in such opportunities.

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